My Quick Curly Hair Routine

Quick and effective daily routine to ensure curls are bouncy and defined for the day!

  • Step 1
    Stay away from shampoo!! I rarely shampoo my hair, if you’re a curly girl like me. Trust me. Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, which completely dry’s out your hair leading to frizz and strayed ends. If you have split ends from heat or styling it’s even more vital to stay away from shampoo until its completely necessary!
    On average I shampoo my hair once every 2 weeks unless Iv been using a lot of products that week for whatever reason. However, I do find if I shampoo it too often my scalp feels dry and my hair feels thin. However, I style my hair every day by wetting it in the shower, adding conditioner (washing it out) then adding ‘Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Strengthen Grow & Restore leave in conditioner (shea butter, peppermint & Keratin’ While its wet.
  • Step 2
    I towel dry my hair and brush it using a curl controller. Then I add Jamaican Black castor oil and use my fingers to add it to sections of my hair. I decide if I want it thick curls or loose just by how I section it while its wet. Remember to add it to the underneath of your hair, that part usually gets forgotten.


  • Step 3
    Dry your hair using a diffuser, swapping between cold and hot heat. The cold is better for your hair and leaves the curls crisp and springy, which you can then style (brush out etc). However, this is a quick curly hair routine so id suggests swapping between cold and hot heat, to prevent damage.


  • Step 4
    Once your hair is dry or basically dry…use a comb to style the curls and add a little serum to take away any frizz and maybe some hairspray for hold and BOOM!Lovely defined curls.

Please feel free to message/comment me if you have any questions, further tips that work for you or things to stay away from!



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