Diverse casting in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2017

‘We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without a diverse culture, life would be very boring’

Diverse Victoria secret fashion show

Look at all these beautifully diverse queens walking in this year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show! It is so refreshing to see! Especially this year, I feel like every time I switch on the news or go on social media I see another shocking story about racism or abuse or some ridiculous comment.

But when I saw these photos come up on my Instagram feed It felt so refreshing and exciting! Finally, women of all races are being included and represented in the best way! I even see natural hair being showcased!

Growing up I didn’t see many women of colour in the media or tv, even my Barbies didn’t look like me! It made me want to straighten my hair, wear the wrong make -up for my skin tone and other confusing feelings. I remember being obsessed with My Wife and Kids because finally, they had children that looked like me on the tv.

As I grew older I became more aware of mainstream media and advertising. How people of colour always played the role of  ‘the maid’, ‘the drug addict’ ‘the single mum’. It confused me because I definitely did NOT want to aspire to be like that! I wanted to see successful, positive role models that looked like me. Beautiful women with hair like mine or my aunties. With different skin tones and shades. All beautiful in their own unique way!

  I’m so happy times are now changing and becoming more diverse. The Victoria Secret 2017 show is a big YES from me!

Diverse Victoria secret fashion show

This year’s line up is actually the most diverse (racially) in the brand’s history of Victoria Secret Show’s. Nearly 50 percent of the models are black, Asian or Hispanic, which is actually up 20 percent than last year! The models hail from Countries all over the world. It represents beautiful women from all over and now everyone can feel included and represented.

Well almost everyone, I do wish we could see a few angels with curves or thick thighs and big bums. All shapes and sizes are beautiful and should be celebrated. Who knows maybe next year we could see some curve models strutting down the runway!

Diverse Victoria secret fashion show


Hope you enjoyed watching the show this year! I thought it was fabulous

All the love

Natalie Rose


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    Have a good Valentine’s Day everyone and remember to keep away from the computer for once!

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