Eugenius The Musical Preview @ The Other Palace

I got the chance to meet the cast and crew of Eugenius the Musical for an exclusive preview performance!




I was invited to an exclusive preview performance of this show! Eugenius the musical opens at The Other Palace London on the 22nd January, running till the 3rd March. This shows catchy songs, fab choreography, and fantastic actors are not one to be missed!


Produced by the legendary Warick Davis and written by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins. The show will be directed by Ian Talbot (previously artistic director of Regents Park Open Air Theatre) and choreographed by the fabulous Aaron Renfree. “EUGENIUS!” tells the story of Eugene, a teenage boy who dreams of a distant world of heroes and villains. When he wakes, he sketches those dreams down and they may just be the ticket to him creating his own comic movie book in Hollywood. However Hollywood is not all he expected, joined by his best friends ‘Janey’ and ‘Feris’, our comic writing genius must discover the true meaning of growing up, finding the superhero within, saving the world from both earthbound villains and possibly those from distant galaxies, and along the way, falling in love of course! (love a romance)


The cast is filled with so many musical theatre names! If you love theatre you will definitely spot a few familiar faces! Making his London theatre debut is American born Liam Forde who will play the lead role of ‘Eugene’. Laura Baldwin who will play Eugene’s love interest- ‘Janey’.

 Daniel Buckley as Feris, Ian Hughes as Evil Lord Hector, Scott Paige as Theo, Cameron Blakely as Lex, Shaun Dalton as Gerhard, Melissa James as Carrie, Alexander Evans as Eugene’s Dad and Alison Arnopp as Space Diva/Mrs T.

They will be joined by Brian Gilligan, Jacob Fisher, Alex Tranter, Luke Dowling, Rosie Heath, Chloe Chambers and Frances Dee.

cast and crew of eugenius the musical

The cast performed four songs from the show. The music is so catchy! 80’s era and you can’t help but dance along. The cast is incredible and the ensemble each has their own individual characters throughout. I was particularly impressed by the vocals and harmonies especially in a rehearsal space without mics! I can’t wait to see what the vocals will sound like in the theatre! The choreography by Aaron Renfree is sharp and energetic bringing a new fresh element to musical theatre. If you like 80’s music with contemporary choreography, gorgeous vocals, and brilliant actors this is the show to see!

The Other Palace

The Other Palace, for those not based in London. Is a theatre dedicated to showcasing new musicals and nurturing new creative talent. It’s always an exciting place to go and see brand new exciting shows and discover new talent. If you’re visiting London I would recommend seeing a show here! It’s always a unique experience.

Chatting with the cast and creative

After the performance, we had the opportunity to chat with the cast and creatives about the show and rehearsal process! Here are a few of the questions below.

cast and crew of Eugenius the musical


  • The songs are really catchy, feel-good songs. Was there anything in particular that influenced the music in the show?

We didn’t have a particular genre or style we just wanted to write. The process began in a pub in Clapham after a few pints. We wrote a song together and realized in the morning it was pretty good! I’m heavily influenced by shows like Rocky Horror and shows similar and the first song we wrote was ‘tough man‘. Ben Adams usually writes music for pop artists, however, both being musical theatre fan’s, Ben and Chris wanted to put a show together which included all the styles they love. 80’s, pop and musical theatre.


  • What do you want your audience to come away feeling?

We want our audiences to leave the theatre smiling, dancing and singing our songs. Eugenius has a really silly theme to it while addressing some really relatable themes. Like being passionate about something and having the guts to follow your dreams!


  • Aaron, you’re a commercial choreographer, hows it been choreographing your first musical?

‘As soon as I heard the music I fell in love with it instantly. Musical theatre choreography is new to me, which brings a fresh aspect to the show. ‘Aaron’s managed to bring the songs to life and tell the story throughout the show through the choreography and adding the comedy aspect also’. The ensemble really brings this show to life and each has their own individuality throughout the show.

  • You’re all extremely talented and experienced actors, what advice would you give any aspiring actors or actresses

‘To do what Eugene does in this musical if you have a dream go for it!’ ‘

Yes it is a difficult and competitive industry so if you can do something else do’

‘If you have a passion for it you will always succeed’


Eugenius first appeared in London at the Palladium with an all-star cast concert performance. It received such a great response and I was lucky enough to be in the audience.

After seeing this cast perform and hearing all the inside info on the show! I’m so excited to see it. You can book tickets on The Other Palace website.

The cast album will be available to buy on the 19th January! If you want to hear those tunes and vocals I keep on about!


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  1. Kimmy
    January 17, 2018 / 10:11 am

    This is a brilliant review Natalie. It has made me excited to go and see Eugenius. Great stuff 🙂

  2. Sandra
    January 17, 2018 / 10:51 am

    I really enjoyed this review, and it has made me want to go and watch the show. Thank you Natalie for such a good insight.

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