Audition Outfits

You’ve just got a call! It’s your agent with an audition for tomorrow! You confirm! But wait…what do you wear?!

audition outfits

 They send material to learn, a breakdown and details of the contract length and pay. Now with all that information to process and begin learning you also have to pick the perfect outfit that will show you off to your best!

audition outfits

You read the breakdown, character and look at the main requirements for the role. You begin learning the material until its time to sort out an outfit…

First things first!


Give off the right impression, make them think…

‘hire me’

‘I’m perfect for this role’

, ‘you want to work with me’,

I’m not desperate’

‘I’m great fun to be around, but also professional’

Suitability for an audition

Now you don’t want to give off the wrong impression. I will just be clear, you can never get it exactly right! Everyone has different opinions and will on your appearance (its part of the industry)  but I can give a few pointers to notice which may help you when choosing something suitable and appropriate.

  • Never wear shoes that you can’t walk in well to an audition! – You may be surprised but I witnessed some pretty funny examples at auditions. Women in shoes that look amazing to stand but as soon as they try to walk, their knees buckle and bend and their arms waggle about! It’s so distracting and for sure will knock your confidence. So whatever shoes you decide to wear. Make sure you’ve at least worn them on a night out before in Soho with a few too many Pornstar Martini’s AND managed to last the night before you attempt to wear them in an audition. Remember nerves, trying to remember lines and other factors happen in an audition. The last thing you want to worry about is making it through the door in your shoes.
  • Make sure your clothes are not too tight – showing skin, underwear, sweat patches! Not cute. Men and Women.  I once made this mistake! My stomach felt particularly tight that day so I went ahead and wore a skin-tight dress. It was grey…and as soon as audition nerves kicked in! Sweat patches galore. I spent half the audition in the bathroom drying my armpits under the dryer! Just not worth it.
  • Wear something flattering – 

  • May sound awful but its an industry based on appearance, so you want to present the best version of you in line with the role. If you’ve got long legs, wear something that compliments them. Curvy waist, wear something that highlights it. If you’ve got a lighter skin tone don’t wear a colour that will wash you out. Darker skin tone, wear a brighter colour. Stand out! Pay attention to outfits you feel amazing in! Ask yourself why? What is it about them that makes you feel good? Why did the outfit give you confidence? Figure it out and wear something similar.

Outfit ideas for an audition

Iv put together a few outfit options for different types of auditions. These are outfit’s which I think are suitable, professional and fabulous! At the end of the day, that’s the main goal. To do a fabulous audition and book the role. So let’s start by feeling fabulous in our outfit then at least one thing will go right! If all else fails least you know you looked great! Since blogging and becoming more interested in fashion and style, iv really paid attention to people’s outfits in auditions.

Now I know, many actors are out of work more then they are in work, so these outfit ideas will be bargains and reasonably priced.

Commercial Audition

Had an audition for a commercial? Still Photography? Print Campaign? Not sure what to wear??

Since commercial auditions are usually on-camera, it is beneficial to know the colors, styles, and patterns to wear and to avoid so as to look your best. Most of the time the camera will shoot you from the waist up, so focus mainly on that part of your wardrobe.

Iv booked a few commercial’s and believe these techniques work when choosing an outfit with minimal time.

Now depending on the advert, most are selling a product. To sell something you need to be relatable, desirable and make the audience want to buy the service or product.


Either a mom jean and some nice boots/minimal branding trainers/shoes. Or fitted jeans that are not ripped! A few options and ideas below with great prices!


Your top half is most important, that’s where the camera focuses. Think minimal or no branding (distracting) Something that compliments your eyes? Or something that will look great on camera. Make sure it fits well. Here are a few options which I think would work well. Mixed between knitwear, off the shoulder, t-shirts, patterns, checked shirts. I hope these options give you a few ideas.


A nice dress or skirt or smart trouser matched with a top can be a great look! Approachable, friendly and flattering. Let’s make sure you feel fab, look fab then book fab jobs! Iv put together a few options below.

As I said before, you can never get it perfect. But hopefully this post gives you a few ideas and things to think about next time you’re faced with a last-minute audition and no clue what to wear! Remember, feel fabulous, look fabulous and be fabulous!!

audition outfits


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