Why Valentines isn’t just for couples and how to make the most out of it!

So if you’re like me, your probably over hearing about valentines day! Another holiday to spend money on unnecessary things and scroll through Instagram to see everyone’s overly extravagant Valentines traditions. If you’re single, it’s another night out with friends or in on your own. If you’re in a relationship. It may or may not be the most important day of the year. With anniversary’s, birthdays, Christmas etc being more important.



valentines isn't just for couples

Now I do totally agree with all these thoughts! However … In terms of holidays, there are only 6-7 days each year out of 365! That’s all. 6-7 days where you can do something special for your loved ones or for yourself! Why not cherish that?

Valentines is for sure not just for couples! It’s for everyone! Everyone feels love somehow or someway. Let’s appreciate that this valentines and show the love!


valentines isn't just for couples


Heres a list of a few idea’s for this Valentines Day to make the most out of YOUR valentines.


  • Pamper yourself

Be your own Valentine! Do a face mask, get some chocolate. Get your nails done. Or take a hot bath. Just focus a section of the day to YOU! With no distractions. Buy yourself something nice, even if its just a little treat. What’s more special then loving yourself? The more you love yourself the better you will love others and the better they will love you.

  • Book an Airbnb or hotel

Now I know if you’ve not already made plans for Valentines, it will most probably be expensive last minute BUT why not book something for the weekend? Or in a couple of weeks. Book the time out and have some quality time with a loved one or for yourself. Knowing you booked it for Valentines will feel a little special either way!


  • Day with family

Organise a day with your family. Go back home to your parents or spend time with siblings. Show them you appreciate them. Sometimes when we randomly show we care towards a loved one they notice it more than ever. Rather than just on their birthday etc. Make someones day by showing them you care. Send a message to all your family and friends to let them know your thinking about them.

  • Do something out of your comfort zone

Try a new gym or dance class on Valentines. Face a fear, organize that ‘date’. Be the person to text first or make the first move. Be brave and bold! It’s Valentines Day. Make it a day to remember for all the right reasons. Not just ‘Another Valentines alone with my cat’. Although if that makes you happy and gives you comfort, by all means, go ahead and spend it with your cat. But make that one to remember!

  • Get glam

This speaks for itself. Get Glam! Put some lipstick on. Wash your hair. Put on your favourite perfume or cologne. When you look good you feel good and the main focus for Valentines is to overall feel good. Love yourself!!


    If your reading this post you may or may not be feeling that great about Valentines. Or it may be the last thing on your mind. Either way, I hope its a great one for you and remember you are loved, your fabulous and you’re deserving.
    I wanted to spread the love a little throughout London this year. I’m fed up of seeing people looking glum around the streets of London so I did a little challenge. Watch my video to find out how it went.
    Thanks for reading and Happy Valentines

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  1. Rebecca
    February 14, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    I don’t just celebrate Valentines with my OH. With my kids too, My first loves x

  2. February 14, 2019 / 8:33 am

    These are some great ideas. I think I will try the one about pamper yourself. Thanks for sharing.

    • Natalie Rose
      February 14, 2019 / 8:41 am

      Yes for sure. We all need a good pamper and when better to do it then Valentine’s Day!

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