Tits Up! A New Comedy Web Series for women! Telling our stories!

Tits Up! A New Comedy Web Series for women! Telling our stories!

a new comedy series for women

Ladies, are we fed up of not seeing ourselves represented in films and tv? True representation and relatable stories. Not the typical ‘beautiful women get’s saved by a man’ ‘sexy women assistant has affair with man’. The typical ‘Pretty Women’ story has looong passed it’s sell-by date and its time for a change!

Us ladies are strong, powerful, silly, stupid, sexual and whatever we want to be! We make mistakes, talk about men as crudely as they talk about us. Women do swear, fart, are emotional, are funny! We are beautiful, kind, smart and can save ourselves (actually). Our stories are compelling and should be heard!


So if your reading this and thinking please! Its 2018 times have obviously changed. I’m just going to put a few facts here to show how little they have. In “depressing” statistics released as part of the BFI’s Filmography of British film, 31% of actors cast in films produced in 1913 were women; in 2017 the proportion is actually lower despite the increased public attention, at 30%.


The filmography, which analyses more than 10,000 films and 250,000 cast and crew members, reveals that less than 1% of films made between 1913 and 2017 had a majority female crew and only 7% since 2000; only 4.5% of all films have been directed by a woman; and the most popular word in British film titles is “man”, appearing 211 times. “Woman” appears 71 times.

Let that sink in….on another note! Something that took over this year was!

#International Women’s Day

It was International Women’s day this week. A day to celebrate women and how far we have come in society and how beautiful, strong and smart we are. It was also the first EP of Tits Up. The new comedy web series for women. Written by Jamie Maule-Ffinch and Amy Spinks, starring Amy Spinks and Gabrielle Fernie.

‘Driven by a desire to make a female-focused comedy, Tits Up shows the other side of female behaviour: a darker, more crude but honest portrayal of millennium women. Sure women can be beautiful but they can also be gross, selfish and unfortunate too. 

The comedy series was made out of pure determination and a goal to succeed, with very little funds they worked together and created something fabulous and hilarious. With influence from Amy Schumer and FleaBag, they wanted to tell stories for women that women can relate too because why the f**k not!

a new comedy series for women

The First EP

Vix is in a failing relationship so she does what everyone would do: Have a mucky dance floor experience with a random guy and propose to her boyfriend out of guilt. oh shit – it’s all tits up from here

After watching the first episode I couldn’t help but relive my own embarrassing experiences of nights out and ridiculous, sporadic decisions. Awful hangovers and memories of the night before. A comedy series that finally tells the honest stories of women today.

The two main characters are best friends and have such a relatable relationship. Two different personalities but an honest portrayal of millennium women of today! The silly decisions we make that affect our lives and how we deal with the consequences. Its a funny approach to situations women find themselves in regularly.

Drunken nights out, silly decisions, the cringy men and that time of the night where you’re so drunk yet so sexy (in your head). Confidence just oozes from every angle. We are fearless and hilarious. Women are no longer frowned upon for these actions. It’s what makes millennium’s so fabulous and strong. Break the stigma further. Let us support this web series and get it on our screens!!

Us women are capable of so many things and can play so many different characters! I wish more directors and writers took the initiative to represent women more on our screen’s and tv.

a new comedy series for women


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Click the link below to watch the First EP of Tits Up

Tits Up Series


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