How to eat well on a budget

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my latest post. This post is how to eat well on a budget.

how to eat well on a budget

I posted this photo a few months back on my Instagram and it received a crazy response. Iv had so many messages asking about my diet and workout routines. It took a lot of guts to post it as when I was that size I pretty much hibernated and hid any photos. I ate basically what I wanted but I adjusted my eating habits slightly and saw a huge difference! Exercising about 5 times a week I dropped two dress sizes and had so much more energy!

Now I totally get it when people say that eating healthy is expensive! Organic foods are way more expensive! Healthy food always seems to add up a lot quicker than buying bulk pasta or frozen chips with chicken. But it’s totally worth it if you can shop smart!

Below are a few perks that iv found while changing my eating habits

Perks of healthy eating

  • More energy
  • Less sluggish feeling
  • Better skin, less oily, breakouts.
  • fewer cravings
  • Grow stronger fuelling the body correctly
  • improve your sleep
  • strengthen immune system
  • healthy body weight

Now Iv lived as a student and also an actor auditioning in London juggling jobs and auditions. So I know how it feels trying to eat well on a budget. You have to be smart, plan ahead and meal prep is key!

How to eat well on a budget

  • Make a shopping list – budget in advance so you don’t get too tempted walking around the supermarket/grocery store
  • Meal prep – prep in bulk and prep meals throughout the week.
  • Buy frozen fruit and veg – stores like Tesco, Lidl, Aldi do great frozen fruit and smoothie mixes for breakfast, smoothies etc
  • Stop buying junk food- it all adds up!
  • Plan your meals
  • Replace meat with other protein sources- fresh meat adds up in cost. Once or twice a week go meat-free or swap for fish etc
  • Cook at home – eating out too often can be expensive and unhealthy

Iv found once you get into a routine of these habits. It becomes second nature and you appreciate how much money you’ve saved and still ate healthy and nutritiously.

I know meal prepping can become a little repetitive and sticking to a routine can be a little boring especially when you’re trying to eat well on a budget. So always remember to treat yourself now and then! Have that fry up for breakfast or pizza for dinner. Its all about balance.

Healthy meal ideas

Iv tried to make life a little easier for you, as you start a new habit it can become overwhelming.So below are a few meal ideas that I use regularly and help me keep a balanced nutritious fulfilling diet.

Breakfasteat well on a budget

  • Weetabix with fruit (bananas, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds) with added honey drizzle.
  • Eggs – scrambled eggs using coconut oil on the pan. With tomatoes or sliced pepper.
  • Oats – with added fruit or honey.
  • Greek yoghurt – with fruit, berries, honey.
  • Protein Pancakes
  • Avacado on rice cakes, tomatoes, scrambled/boiled/poached eggs on top
  • smoked salmon, eggs, peppers, avocado, wholemeal bagel


  • Chicken, rice, veg – broccoli, peppers, aubergine, tomatoes – roasted, seasoned and wrapped in foil for 45mins in the oven
  • Salmon, veg – sweet potato wedges – wrapped in foil, seasoned in the oven – 60 mins
  • Wholemeal wrap, tuna, veg – tuna mixed with sliced veg – peppers, aubergine, courgette, tomato, fried with coconut oil
  • Pea pasta with pesto and cheese – add chicken for extra. 
  • Omelette – cooked with coconut oil and add tomato and cheese. Low carb lunch with a side salad.
  • Mediteranian Tuna Salad – Tuna, salad leaves, peppers, olives, feta cheese, spring onion, tomatoes, celary


  • Quorn Chilli, kidney beans, roasted veg, sweet potato, butternut squash and chilli seasoning. add rice if needed
  • Whitefish, veg and rice or couscous
  • Sweet potato cooked in foil and roasted with feta cheese and Quorn chilli
  • Lean turkey burgers (no bun) with cheese. Side salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, courgettes fried with coconut oil
  • Chicken, rice and veg (typical) season as desired.
  • Chicken salad, Mediterranean roasted vegetables, butternut squash fries

Hope this post gave you some inspiration or ideas somehow. Id love to hear your own recipes and tips for sticking to a healthy balanced diet.

The main goal is to be happy and healthy and fuel the body correctly so you can always work to your full potential.

Thanks for reading



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    I’m glad I read this, this morning! Feeling not so motivated and reading this has reminded me that I have the knowledge just push yourself and not give into so much temptation :). Great read

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