My Skin Care Essentials

Hey! Thanks for checking out my latest post. My Skin Care essentials! These are all the products and tricks I can not live without while looking after my skin, applying makeup and cleansing. I’m a typical girl in her 20’s. I get breakouts, oily skin and occasional breakdowns over my skin! Ha! But recently Iv stuck to these tips and found my skin has calmed down.

skin care essentials


Skin care Before Makeup

  • Primer – So a few years ago Id never used a primer before, didn’t see the point. Now I can’t live without it. Even on non-makeup days, I will wear primer only just for protection. Check out this photo of an orange with foundation on. One with primer, one without! Ew right!

skin care essentials

  • Primer fills in your pores so your foundation can go on seamlessly. It also protects your skin. I live in London so for you city girls I would recommend investing in a primer that protects your skin against pollution and UV rays. My favourite primers at the moment are linked below.



UV Rays – BIG NO!

  • So a model I love Demi Rose once said on a post her face is always lighter than her body….because she always uses suncream on her face even when out and about to stop against sun damage and ageing. I thought it was pretty strange at first because whenever I’m in the sun, the first thing I want to do is get tanned (living in England and having no sun ever). However, it totally makes sense. UV Rays make you age and that’s the last thing we need.


  • So my tip number 2 is always looking for a foundation/tinted moisturiser or primer that protects your skin against UV rays. My face is so much more youthful since doing it and dry’s out less. I’m the mid-20s but as Kendall Jenner said. Never too early to start skin care. 😉



  • I exfoliate at least once a week unless I have a lot of shoots on and I’m wearing heavy makeup. Like to focus on my nose, chin and T zone area. Also I like to exfoliate my neck and ears as those places are sometimes missed out. Blackheads are the worst and I regularly go without makeup so I need to keep my skin fresh and cleansed. My go-to exfoliators are




  • I have oily and sensitive skin and these work for me. Everyone’s skin is different however so I would recommend trying different products every 3 months until you find a product that suits you and your skin best.



  • I use a facial wipe with eye makeup remover to take the base of my makeup off before I start cleansing my skin. My go-to cleansers are…





  • I never used to do this step because I thought it was pointless and just another product companies sell to you…BUT yet again I’ve seen the benefits. I will confess that I don’t use a toner every day after cleansing however always cleanse after removing makeup! Toner is vital because it closes your pores after cleansing. I use a tiny bit of Rosewater with a cotton pad. Some fab toners that I know work with limiting breakouts are linked below.


My skin rarely breaks out and I feel that one of the main reasons for that is my skin care routine. I never sleep in makeup. Drink lots of water and I give my skin a break with no makeup days regularly. I never work-out in make-up and always cleanse my face after exercising.

Non-make-up days I usually put on some UV primer, brow pencil and vaseline. Give your skin a break.

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