Meghan Markle Biracial Royalty

Meghan Markle Biracial Royalty

The Royal Wedding is approaching resulting in London being flooded with articles, merchandise, photos of Meghan and Harry and the whole of the UK will be watching when they get hitched! May 19th! I have my street party planned already! It’s an exciting time for the UK, having a biracial American women married into the Royal Family. Which has never happened or been ‘allowed’.

meghan and harry

Meghan Markle, an actress, activist and women’s right’s campaigner. She has a YAAS from me!

meghan and harry

Who is Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle, soon to be British Royalty. Biracial American actress, if you would like to have a nose and find out a few facts before she marries Prince Harry later this month, I did it for you below.

  • She used to run a lifestyle blog – The Tig – After 3 years she recently ended it with a sweet message to her followers ending with ‘You my sweet friend, are enough’
  • She worked as a briefcase model on Deal or no Deal – In 2006 she worked on the Howie-Mandel hosted tv show – ‘I would consider that in the category of things I did while I was auditioning trying to make ends meet’.
  • Meghan was a Feminist from an early age – She disagreed with a sexist commercial at 11 years old and her dad encouraged her to write to the most powerful people to make a change, Hilary Clinton etc. She succeeded and they changed the slogan from women to people
  • Her BFF’s include Serena Williams and Priyanka Chopra – Before rubbing shoulders with royalty, she already has pretty influential friends and therefore was accustomed to the middle-class lifestyle.
  • Meghan has been Married before – In 2011 she married a film producer in Jamaica, they quietly split two years later.
  • Leading actress in Suits – You may or may not know her from Suits the American legal series, Meghan plays Rachel Zane.

meghan markle early life

Early days of Meghan Markle

Meghan’s mother is African American and her Dad Caucasian. She is from Los Angeles.  Meghan openly speaks out about the challenges she faced growing up being mixed heritage in America. Experiencing racism and her own mother being mistaken for her nanny due to Meghan’s lighter complexion.  Quoted by Meghan. ‘Im half black and half white…I have come to embrace this and say who I am, to share where I’m from, to voice my pride in being a strong confident mixed raced women’.

Meghan found challenges while auditioning as a young actress, explaining how she was always too black for the white roles and too light for the black roles, leaving her in a middle ground. Confused about where she fit in and identified in this world.

Her experience and challenges growing up have turned her into a strong, open-minded and determined women who in my opinion is a great role model for our society.


Not everyone is so happy with the idea of the royals marrying outside of their race. ‘Love has no colour’ btw! There have been numerous racist comments, campaigns and even a Government leaders wife made disgusting comments regarding Meghan and ‘black people’. The obsession with bloodlines makes the idea of royals marrying people of colour – or even having non-white heritage themselves – difficult for the press and public to stomach. Royals tend to be offered a small circle of potential spouses – the same class, religion and ethnicity.

meghan markle biracial royalty

This marriage has highlighted the subtle racism of the UK. No matter how we sugar coat it. This issue needs to be addressed and brought to light.

I feel that unfortunately, this mentality is mainly in the older generations. With younger generations and how the world is evolving. More and more wonderful biracial children are being brought into the world. Social media is thriving. Giving people access to different cultures, races and seeing people of all races. Not just those that have been chosen to represent us. We are less judgemental and more accepting of each other. Which is great! Iv never really experienced racism from people in my generation, unfortunately, it has always been subtle racism from the older generation.

meghan markle fashion

Royal History

Meghan has had some bad press when in reality her marriage to Prince Harry is a story of love defying all odds therefore the royal family would not traditionally approve. However they have and so have the UK. Accepting a biracial woman into the royal family proving to the UK and the world that society is evolving. We don’t need to stick to social standards or old traditions and love doesn’t see colour or race. I truly believe even with all this bad press and racist comments. This will be a defining moment in British history.

It will also make young girls like me and Meghan, who felt like maybe they didn’t fit in actually feel included and like they too can one day marry a Prince 😉

Thank you for reading

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