Our Trip to Turkey!

Our Trip to Turkey!

So we’ve just got back from the most relaxing trip away ever! Celebrating our anniversary, Sagar took us away to Turkey for a long weekend away. We stayed in a gorgeous 5-star hotel and finally had some downtime.

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We drank, danced and sun bathed the whole time and I can honestly say I didn’t realise how MUCH I actually needed it. This post is a quick overview of our trip to Turkey. Where we stayed, average prices and overall vibe. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen in my stories, I received so many messages asking where we were staying, how is Turkey for tourist nowadays and so on. So I thought Id answer any questions I had here.

my recent trip to turkey

(insert bikini photo with a cocktail for holiday effect)

I will get straight into the details. Prices to Turkey are pretty reasonable this time of year. Maybe due to the fact it’s Ramadan. A holy month where most Muslims fast throughout the day. However, it did not affect us as we stayed in the Hotel. It may affect you if you go out and about a little more but we were assured in the tourist areas it is not really noticeable.

We paid around £550 for two people, 3 nights all inclusive with flights and transfers and 15kg luggage. Not bad at all. I prefer to go all inclusive when I’m away. I feel it gives that extra relaxation and one less thing to worry about. We like to explore outside of the hotel also but it means you can drink all the mojitos you like around the pool ;). Prices outside of the hotel were also pretty reasonable. Turkish currency is Lira and has a pretty good exchange rate for pounds. Also, most places took pounds anyway so you may not need to change money if you’re only there for a short time.


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Sentido Numa Bay Alanya

This is a new hotel in Alanya. It had mixed reviews however apart from a few factors we were very happy. The hotel is 5 star, however, their customer service is not what you would expect from a 5-star hotel. I’m not sure if that is because of the Turkish culture but we were a little taken back. The facilities are gorgeous and our room was stunning. They actually decorated it one night with flowers etc for our anniversary which was lovely.

The only downside I would say is the customer service which needs work. They have an adult pool, water park, indoor pool, spa and private beach which was stunning. You can book dinner in the restaurant on the beach and watch the sunset which is beautiful. In terms of guest wise, I don’t go on holiday to mix with British people only. I like to mix with different cultures but we found the hotel was filled with predominately Russian people. Which made it a very unique experience.

my recent trip to turkey

Food wise, I love Turkish food and Turkish delight is gorgeous! We were treated to a Turkish night and their traditional food which was lovely. The other days, breakfast, lunch and dinner was just traditional beach food. Not the best but couldn’t really complain after a few cocktails. They do tell you to be careful when eating salad as the tap water is not drinkable in Turkey and the salad is usually washed in tap water. Be careful with different meats also we were told.


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Would we go back to Turkey?

People asked me so many times why did you go to Turkey? Maybe the fear of the unknown is the reason why people asked me so many times. I will mention the security at the airport and hotel was pretty tight so we felt safe. However, there is the thought in the back of your mind due to being so close to Syria. It did not make much difference but the security was noticeable which was a little unsettling.

The weather was gorgeous every day which was pretty much guaranteed in Turkey in May. We were there for only a few days so we wanted to ensure the weather would be hot every day. I don’t think Turkey would be top of my list to return. It is beautiful however I feel the cultural differences are too wide and a little hard to adapt to. Women are treated pretty unequally and I felt that even while in the hotel. They would address Sagar and not me, which I found slightly annoying. Great for a short trip away though!


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Thanks for reading. Have you ever visited Turkey? Let me know your thoughts.




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  1. Carol
    June 2, 2018 / 5:40 am

    I’ve never been to Turkey. But my friend and her family go every year in September. It looks fantastic and a definate holiday resort to go to!!!
    You look great!!

    • Natalie Rose
      June 2, 2018 / 6:07 pm

      It was a beautiful place and resort. Especially if you want to guarantee hot weather. Thanks so much x

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