Empowering Women with Puma #DoYou.

Empowering Women with Puma #DoYou.

So last week I was invited to the launch of Puma’s new collection with Asos in collaboration with the New York City Ballet. Empowering women with Puma.

empowering women with Puma

 I was kitted out with two Puma outfits which are to die for! Treated to a performance by the New York City Ballet dancers and took a dance/HITT class with them. We finished the day with a protein fuelled breakfast and an inspiring talk about empowerment.  I was surrounded by some really inspiring women. To hear their own thoughts on empowerment and how they empower each other was very eye opening I felt like I had to share.

What makes you feel empowered?

They asked this in the panel discussion. My initial thoughts were the usual, confidence, feeling good, looking good etc. But as the discussion went on, and we all spoke about our own experiences and interpretations I realised it was so much more than that.

Feeling empowered for me is all about feeling happy and confident with the direction of my life. To feel proud of the choices I make and struggles iv gone through. To get up every day and start each day on a positive note. Sounds so cliche but that’s what makes me feel empowered. Having control of my emotions and choices as much as I possibly can. Certain circumstances that are out of our control effect that but you have the power to react in whatever way you want. Having that awareness and control to know no matter what happens in this life, good or bad I will be okay. That is empowering for me.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are Empowering! Why?

Ask yourself, would you fuel your new Ferrari with rubbish petrol or the best fuel you can find? Iv heard this saying before and it totally makes sense to me. Your body does everything for you, it works, it functions and it has so much potential. Why would you not want to make the most out of that? I find eating healthy, fruit, veg and everything in moderation alongside a fit lifestyle helps me feel less sluggish, tired, healthier and I feel stronger.

I like to work out at least 5 days a week. Not just for aesthetic reasons but because I enjoy feeling strong and fit. There’s nothing worse than noticing your struggling to get up a few stairs at the train station or can’t run as easily as you would like. I feel that choosing to take time out for yourself to work out and choosing to fuel your body correctly is also empowering. You’re making those choices for YOU!

How can we empower each other as women?

This question made me realise its not just about me or you its about women as a whole. Women are discriminated against so much in every industry and yes there is a change happening but I think we can all do more. Especially in the performing industry. We need more women directors, choreographers, screenwriters, producers etc. I think the more we support smaller projects or industries involving women the stronger we can become. It’s not just about words or Instagram posts, we need to actively go out and make a difference. We need to invite men to these discussions and allow them to be aware of the discrimination women face every day. We also need to not be afraid to be ourselves DoYou.

Work together positively to make a difference and an impact. Stay Strong, Empowered and Positive. As women we can do incredible things and we need to empower each other to believe that.

Thank you Puma, Asos, Blok London and also the New York City Ballet for a fab day!

Puma/Asos Collection click here



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