Personal Style Goes Beyond Your Wardrobe

Personal Style Goes Beyond Your Wardrobe

 Personal style goes beyond your wardrobe. We all spend a long time creating a wardrobe that will naturally reflect our personality and style. There are no doubt clothes can have a profound impact on how we express ourselves to others. But it’s important to remember that we can express personal style through other aspects of our appearance too not just our clothes!

personal style and how to change it

Here are a few to consider


My hair has always reflected my personality. Big, wild and curly. Whenever I feel like there’s a new chapter in my life I usually change my hair! Hair can be cut, styled, dyed, highlighted in sooo many different ways. If you want to change up your look or feel like your bored of your current style. Consider a new colour, maybe switch it up and use a protective hairstyle like braids.

I love trying out different extensions and even wigs! But my all time favourite is to go au natural and keep my hair as healthy as possible. There are lots of different articles out there to keep your hair as healthy as possible with least heat damage. Good healthy hair is a fashion statement in itself!


Piercings have been around for centuries. Literally! Do some research and it will surprise you. I got my first piercing at age 14. A belly ring. I loved it and still have it now over 10 years later! I would style it with crop tops, high waisted outfits and I would always get a new belly bar when going on holiday to match my bikinis. The most common piercing in women is the earlobes and for years any other type of piercing would be considered taboo. Nowadays people have all sorts of piercings all over and it really is a great way of showing off your own personal style. If you’ve ever wanted a new piercing but your not sure where to start. Why not try an alternative ear piercing like the tragus. It looks cool and edgy and you can style it with different tragus jewellery webshop


Makeup is a fab way to reflect your personal style. I love a natural look for day to day then switching it up for a smokey eye in the evenings. I choose to use a light foundation in the day and a little highlight and blush. Light mascara and a little pencil on the brows to outline the face. If I have a meeting in the evening I love to outline my lips with lip liner and add a nude lipstick. If you want your lips to look a little fuller then I tend to overline. It creates a fuller appearance for the lips.

personal style and how to mix it up

As you can see you have many tools at your disposal when creating your own personal style. It’s your style so nothing is right or wrong just do what feels good for you.

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