Festive Wardrobe and Fast Fashion Impacts

Festive Wardrobe and Fast Fashion Impacts

 Christmas Is Here! Get out the festive wardrobe. Party Season is upon us.

This is my favourite time of year! Everything feels so cosy and sparkly and In London, the decorations are just amazing! It’s important to remember you Don’t have to splash out for that festive wardrobe as there are so many ways you can restyle your pieces. Not only does it protect the environment, but fast fashion is also a global problem in 2018. Christmas is an expensive time already, let’s keep the cost down but still, keep our festive wardrobe looking fabulous.

festive wardrobe

Heres how I style this Nasty Girl Zebra Dress

3 Ways To Style A Shirt Dress For Your Festive Wardrobe

Changing up a look with boots, tights, heels and accessories is the perfect way to get the most out of the same piece.

I love changing up my style depending on my plans and how I’m feeling.

Not only does this help reuse clothes and cut down on fast fashion but it also helps the environment! I didn’t realise the impact the fast fashion industry was having on the environment. So I did a little research below.

Fast Fashion Industry Facts

fast fashion

If this photo wasn’t shocking enough! Read the facts below.

  • 80 billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally every year.
  • Two-thirds of all fibres used to make our clothing are cotton based.
  • Cotton uses a vast amount of water to grow, placing substantial strain on the environment.
  • Approximately 7,000 litres of water are needed to produce one pair of jeans (the amount of water one individual drinks in 5-6 years). 
  • Compared to 16 years ago (2002), the average person buys 60% more clothing and keeps them for half as long. 
  • Clothes made from polyester can take up to 200 years to break down.

 Hopefully, these facts alone will encourage you to restyle your clothing. Buy less and accessorize more. Try different looks. With fashion becoming cheaper and cheaper it’s very easy to consume. Let’s be aware and do our bit for the environment also 🙂 

Natalie Rose

Personal Style Goes Beyond The Wardrobe



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