Setting 2019 Year Goals

Setting 2019 Year Goals

It’s the middle of January and usually, at this point, the motivation for those New Years Resolutions has started to fade. Back to work and routine, stress from the December overspend and overindulge. Back to the healthy diet and trying to shift any holiday slug. It’s very easy to lose the motivation and carry on drifting through January. But the reason you clicked on this post is motivation enough to get those goals in line and make a realistic plan to achieve them this year.

I want you to ask yourself a question though at this point. Why did you make those resolutions? What was the motivation behind it? How did you want to feel once you’ve achieved it? Did you even think about how you’d feel once you’ve achieved them? Even think that far ahead? Or did you just set those resolutions for the sake of setting them?

Making goals with a PLAN

So with anything in life, if you have a plan and a time frame that you would like to achieve something you are more likely to achieve it or get closer to that goal. Set a realistic plan that you can achieve with your current schedule and commitments. It all starts with small daily habits which in a year turn into a large goal

Time Frame

  • 1 week – small weekly habits and set out a plan for each week that fits your schedule.
  • 1 month – small daily habits in 1 month to build up to that year goal
  • 3 months – add to those daily habits to build up to that year goal
  • 6 months – re-evaluate those habits and see what is working or is not working to reach that year goal.
  • 1 year – You’ve reached your goal, changed your lifestyle and life. Yay!

year goals 2019

Example – My 2019 Year Goals

So one of my 2019 resolutions, I wanted to grow my Instagram following and increase my brand collaborations. To do this iv set out a plan which I think will work. Small daily habits which I will then look back over after 6 months and see if its working or not. Iv wrote it out for you to use as an example. Hopefully, it helps 🙂 

Goal – Increase Following and brand collaborations

  • Weekly – create content, engage with brands and bloggers in niche, promote blog on social sites. Research SEO techniques 
  • 1 monthIncreased blog views and followers by 25% minimum. One brand collaboration. Create a consistent schedule for blog now audience is back. 
  • 3 monthIncreased blog views and two brand collaborations. Followers increase 30-40%. Do shout-outs to increase following.  
  • 6 monthCount the following amount, create content, check which content delivers best and stick to that. Continue building relationships with brands 
  • 1 yearBuilt the following count and have over 5 paid brand collaborations. 

I actually used this to drop two dress sizes in this post below. New Year New YOU!! How I transformed my body with 4 simple steps and no gym membership!

year goals 2019

Staying on Course

Once you’ve set out your goals and wrote a realistic plan it’s important to stay on course. As long as your goals are something that inspires you it will be easier to stay motivated. Use your smartphone, create daily reminders, put events in your diary of certain things you need to do each week in order to achieve that monthly goal. Stay motivated and put these habits into your daily life and lifestyle. Something that helps me track everything and stay motivated is the Every day Matters 2019 Diary 

year goals 2019

I hope this post has helped you plan your 2019 Year Goals and also stay motivated to achieve them, whatever they may be. Earn more money, lose weight, buy a car, travel more whatever it is. Create realistic mini goals that will make that end of year goal seem more reachable. I’m wishing you all the luck and happiness in 2019 and I can’t wait to hear about all the goals you’ve smashed!



  1. Sophie Vegro
    January 15, 2019 / 11:11 am

    This is so helpful iv actually wrote out a plan in my diary and hope to follow it. would be helpful if you included tips to help you stay motivated and remind you. thanks x

    • Natalie Rose
      January 19, 2019 / 7:59 pm

      Thanks for checking it out. Yes I totally agree. Diary reminders on your phone are useful. And using a vision board helps me. Xxx

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