Clean Sleeping In The City

Clean Sleeping In The City

Clean Sleeping changed my life. How? It’s 6.30am, my alarm goes off and I feel like I want to set rewind on the last few hours of restless sleep. Tossing and turning and thinking about everything to how I’m going to solve world hunger or figure out how to braid hair. Waking up from the slightest noise after it took me hours to finally fall asleep! I get out of bed feeling like death. Bags under my eyes and I start to fall asleep on the toilet! Why is it when you have to get up all of a sudden your realllyyy tired and could sleep for hours. But when you’re in bed you can’t sleep?

I’m sure we can all relate. You go through the day just dreaming about going to bed. You find it hard to focus due to being so tired and your unbelievably grouchy. So you tell yourself tonight I’m going to bed super early! 11 pm comes and you’re still scrolling through your phone on the sofa….and you wonder why you’re not tired.

No one look’s back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep…

Yes very true! I love night’s that never end! Endless stories and staying up till sun rise…but how would we get anything done if we just stayed up all night?

Surely you want to get as much sleep as possible so you can wake refreshed, repaired and ready to smash out your day! Achieve something that you will for sure remember. Sleep is important no matter how you look at it. But lets just take a quick look at the facts just to help it sink in a little more and understand the sleep benefits.

This is Science. Studies. Facts. Real!

  • Sleep helps your brain work properly. While your sleeping, your brain is preparing for the next day. Forming the pathway’s to help you learn. It also digests information from the previous day so you actually learn while you sleep!
  • Sleep help’s you pay attention, make decisions and be creative
  • It heals and repair’s your heart and blood vessels. (when your feeling sick, the best thing you can do is sleep)
  • Lack of sleep can result in weight gain and changes the level of hormones that signal hunger and fullness in your body. Which can result in unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.
  • Keep your heart healthy. Lack of sleep over time can result in developing high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease.
clean sleeping in the city

Clean Sleeping Changed My Life

Now we have all heard of Clean Eating. We know the benefits and it is for sure a very popular way to clean up your diet and health. But what is Clean Sleeping and how can it change your lifestyle?

According to studies, everything you do throughout the day impacts how you sleep at night. Not just in term of duration but also the quality of sleep so yes we should all be giving it ago. So where do we start and how can we reap the sleep benefits of clean sleeping?

  1. Eat breakfast by at least 10.30am to prevent the body from running on adrenaline energy which is one of the main causes of shallow or light sleeping
  2. Reduce your stimulus throughout the day. Instead of scrolling through twitter 3 hours a day. Half that by reading a book or magazine.
  3. Create an effective sleeping environment at least an hour before bed. Dim the lights, candles. No tv, play soft music.
  4. Invest in good pillows and bedding. It will for sure have a positive impact on your rest. We spend at least 8 hours a day in bed. Make sure it’s comfy. My bedding is kindly gifted from and it’s the best bedding I’ve ever had!
  5. Drink plenty of water. At least 1-2 litres per day. It help’s the body flush out toxins and create clean cells and circulation. Resulting in better sleep.

Good Luck!

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