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Natalie Rose

natalie rose

Natalie Rose is an influencer and blogger based in London. Attracting 5k monthly views to her blog and 42k weekly impressions to her Instagram and 21 buttons account. She regularly works with brands focusing on body confidence, fitness, and fashion.

 Created her blog as a positive release from the struggles of living in London as an actress. Her posts are relatable and also honest. As a young entrepreneur in her 20’s, she hopes to inspire, relate and encourage her followers to live their best life.

Natalie is a women rights and diversity activist. She wants to break the stigma in the industry. Influence more representation of diversity in the media and advertising.

Natalie is a dance and fitness instructor at  MoveYourFrame

She has a passion for fitness and dance and making people feel positive, leaving the class feeling uplifted and accomplished.

 Click the link to book into a class.

I hope you enjoy navigating through my little section of the internet.
Natalie Rose
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